What To Expect

Prior to being evaluated at The IMT Wellness Center (IMT), the patient receives an intake packet in the mail. This intake packet is extensive and should be filled out prior to the initial evaluation. A typical initial visit to IMT begins with the initial evaluation that can last 1-2 hours, depending on the complexity of the patient. During the initial evaluation, the session begins with a review of the intake packet where the patient’s health history is reviewed. Following the intake, the patient undergoes a physical examination which involves postural and movement analysis.

During this assessment, the patient is encouraged to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes. Following the physical examination, the practitioner performs IMT diagnostics to assess various anatomic and physical systems in the body to determine what might be contributing to the patient’s dysfunction. At the end of the evaluation, the practitioner develops a customized comprehensive treatment plan based on the findings from the evaluation as well as the patient’s short term and long term goals.

Once the treatment plan has been developed, it is then implemented over the course of follow up treatment sessions. If the patient is participating in a Clinical Intensive Program, the follow-up treatment sessions begin immediately following the initial evaluation. Throughout the treatment process, the patient and practitioner monitor and re-assess progress through indicators such as increased function and reduction of pain.

Initial Evaluation , Movement Analysis, Comprehensive Treatment