Self Help Neurofascial Process (NFP)

Neurofascial Process (NFP) is really easy to perform! It just involves putting your hands on your body in specific places and holding them there for a certain amount of time. Process Centers are sites where you place your hands on the body. Each of the Process Centers has a meaning. These Process Centers have a physical meaning and an emotional meaning. When contacting the Process Center sites, you can support healing of physical dysfunction as well as let go of repressed emotional energies. For example, the Heart Process Center is about circulation. If you connect the heart to a site of decreased circulation, you can augment healing at that site by increasing circulation to and from the region of dysfunction. If we are repressing and holding onto a specific emotion in our body, it tends to get stored in specific organs. NFP helps the body do what it naturally does-just faster-as you let go of emotions.