Body Wisdom $16.95

Functional Exercise for Women’s and Men’s Health   $8.95


Functional Exercise Program for Head and Neck   $8.95


IMT for Autonomic Nervous System   $65.00


IMT for Biomechanics Muscle Energy & Beyond $85.00


IMT for the Connective Tissue System: MFR $85.00


IMT for Upper & Lower Extremities $65.00


Reflection Therapy $15.00


Elimination Diet Booklet $10.50



CDs – All $75.00 – Windows only

Bone Bruises

Disruptions of Membrane

IMT for the Hand

Muscle Energy Technique for the Pelvis

Strain and Counterstrain

IMT for the Shoulders

Treatment of Muscle Spasms w/SCS for Upper and Lower Quad

DVDs – All $69.00 – Windows only

Soft Tissue Mobilization for Improved Cardiovascular

Disruptions of Membrane

Visceral Mobilization for the Stomach with IMT

V1- Muscle Energy to Correct the Pelvis Region

V2- Muscle Energy to Correct the Sacrum

V3- Muscle Energy to Correct the Spine Part I

V4- Muscle Energy to Correct the Spine Part 2

V5- Strain Counterstrain

V6- Myofascial Release: Orthopedic & Neurologic

V7- Advance Manual Therapy for the Low Back

V8- Effects of IMT Pain and Disability

V9- Standards for Healthcare: The Lower Back

V10-Dysfunction of the Lower Joints

V11- Dysfunction of the Upper Joints


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