Double Helix Expansion of 3 Dimensional Joint Space Integrity – Evolution of Biomechanics into Consciousness

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Auto Immune/Immune Insufficiencies to the Newly Emerging Immune System Relationship with Consciousness from an IMT Perspective & the Golden Heart Series

Today’s stresses and strains on the human body have led to many autoimmune diseases and immune system dysfunction and dysregulation.

Allergies, asthma and eczema have reached an all-time high of prevalence in our culture. Autoimmune labels, hyperplasia syndromes, food intolerances leading to disease and immune disorders are commonplace now. The general population is being told to self-medicate against their out-of-control immune system attacks through hundreds of pharmaceutical TV commercials.

This IMT class will help the clinician determine from a micro to macro level of physical, generational, organ, system or stress level how the immune has been challenged and learn applications on how to re-harmonize the individual’s immune construct.

  • Golden Heart perceptiveness on the immune system
  • Revisions of thymus repair and recovery
  • Updated and revised hyperplasia blueprints for the 2017 era
  • Discussion on current changes in environmental issues leading to further impairment



The course topic is “Detoxification: Cellular through Structural to Consciousness.” Using this new material in a micro/macro paradigm promotes drainage and fluidity through all levels of health.

Over the last 3 years, we have seen revolution and evolution on many different levels personally, in humanity and in the world. IMT techniques continue to emerge and evolve to stay updated with new motilities and patterns.

Adding to key principles of IMT, new treatment includes:

1. The Golden Heart Series

2. The Core Process Tube

3. Core Axis phenomenon

4. Micro to Macro relationships of IMT

5. Prisms and vectors

This course includes over 100 templates with clinical applications and empowerment for treatment plan development. In addition, home programs for clients in the form of NFP and IDAP are included with most templates. Detoxification for healing will be facilitated on all levels in the model below.

“Levels of Organization of Living Things” Micro to Macro Relationships of IMT
Organelle Life/DNA
Cells Genetic/Miasms
Tissues Belief/Cellular
Organs Coming home/Soul meets mind
Organ Systems Being with Self
Organisms Relationship
Populations World view
Communities Re-establishing Hope
Ecosystem Forgiveness
Biosphere/Is the world Consciousness




PTSD has taken the forefront in human consciousness rehabilitation in the past 5 to 10 years. Our definitions of consciousness, mindfulness and PTSD have emerged in the world today, and have more comprehensive meanings than in the 20th century. Other labels that have come to the forefront of consciousness rehabilitation are: bullying, gender identity, relationship preferences, ADHD, autism, Lyme, chronic fatigue, and autoimmune disease.

As the world and human consciousness continues to develop, we are aware of mind, body and spirit.

The PTSD class series of PTSD 1, PTSD 2 and PTSD 3 are useful tools for the IMT practitioner in the evolutionary change of consciousness into today’s society.

Consciousness rehabilitation and emergence of the golden heart are two tools that should be implemented across the board and augment the skill sets of all IMT practitioners. These tools form the basic skill set for biomechanics to cardiac to neuro rehabilitation to recovery motilities of IDM, DOM and bone bruises.

PTSD Part 1

Teaches practitioners how to release and work with the energies of PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has been around for many years. PTSD has historically been hard to treat in patient populations.

You will learn to recognize the unique, yet subtle energies involved in making transformational progress with your patients. Growth and development for the practitioner will also occur as you learn to recognize these energies and motilities in yourself.

Different aspects of PTSD will be addressed with IMT, including PTSD of the inner child, PTSD from and of nature and the environment, as well as a global and miasmic forms of PTSD.  Correcting and eliminating these patterns will make recovery possible for all patient populations. Dramatic, functional outcomes will be observed.

Consciousness in Transition with IMT technology, known as CIT, is the essence of who we are today and how these energies contribute to the new world of consciousness.

PTSD Part 2

Bringing in the Light and Newly Emerging Consciousness Energies

Part 2 of the PTSD series addresses areas of family patterns, mechanical dysfunction, food poisoning, gluten sensitivity, allergies and IDAP that are affected by disturbances with PTSD that affect consciousness.

In this class new and specific patterns and protocols will be used to reduce and eliminate signs and symptoms related to global imbalances of light and dark energies. Premature aging is actually a response to light and dark energy imbalances. Pain and stiffness will be reduced when light and dark energies are balanced. Neurological and stress disorders of all kinds will be reduced and/or eliminated with the IMT IT.

Above all else, the person receiving this IT will recover more function post-PTSD than they ever thought possible. New motilities for consciousness will be presented in this seminar along with specific functional medicine to address the multiplicity of issues associated with PTSD. Outcomes will be achieved as will patient satisfaction.

PTSD Part 3

Golden Heart Series-Three Planar Movement Into Consciousness With Treatment of PTSD

Course description:

This three day lab course introduces new IMT concepts and approaches to healthcare with attention and application to Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD).

For the last three years there have been shifts in consciousness and mindfulness energies worldwide. PTSD 3 continues to document and develop treatment programs for the reduction of pathologies and the progression of humanities. PTSD 3 theories can be applied as a new facet to all previous IMT material to improve outcomes.

Emerging recovery motilities will be taught that allow faster improved healing with consciousness tools.

PTSD 3 will be all new material, which is the first material in the Consciousness Era. How to integrate PTSD 1 and 2 with PTSD 3 material will be presented.

Categories and topics:

  1. Golden Heart Energies
  1. Prism Motilities
  2. Core Process Center
  3. Transition into Mindfulness
  4. Awareness of Consciousness


Summer school 2016

Acceptance of Grief

Acceptance of Grief with Recovery & Healing of the Individuals Left Behind – Starting over from the Loss through the Return Back Into Life. Three Planar Movement into Consciousness & Mediating Life’s Forces

Everyone has grief and loss in their life’s journey. This course presents a model for opening up our hearts to the grieving process. It brings an awareness of social / traditional death and dying dogmas to the New Era. An acceptance of our connection with the soul that has passed on to the other side and feeling comfortable being left behind in this world of chaos.

Sagittal Transformation into transcension of the individual from this world can be hard on loved ones, family, friends, groups and communities. The loss of a friend, family member, or another connection with a soul can be profound to the individual. Other examples to take into account are:

-Parent losing a child;

-Child losing a parent;

-Sibling losing a sibling;

-Loss of friends, family and relationships;

-A loss of a pet is as important as another being.

This process class is meant for our own individual growth and development, and to assist the IMT client through these processes of life. Grief, Anger, Acceptance, Frustration, Resentment, Fear and Abandonment are some of the emotions and feelings that come up with this process.

This provides a transformation from the traditional social norms of a fear-based impression of death and dying to a Consciousness model that our connection and memories to the passed person can live on forever in our hearts and souls. We will learn to be the witnesses and survivors of living with the resonance of another.

It is time for a shift to make space and a therapeutic model of acceptance on this portion of our journey.

The IMT practitioner will develop:

  1. Appreciation of the Macro/Micro IMT application of the grieving process
  2. Mapping and protocols for the repair and recovery of the process
  3. Re-integration of function into self, life, family, community and the world through different eyes

Heart in Consciousness

Acceptance, Recovery & Healing of the Cardiovascular System through Three Planar Movement Into Consciousness & Mediating Life’s Forces An IMT Perspective from the Golden Heart to Micro-Macro Theories with Application, Integration and Implication

The ‘New Emerging of Higher Consciousness’ and changes in ‘Consciousness as the New Era’ have shown new patterns for the IMT Practitioner regarding the cardiovascular system. The Global shift to more awareness of consciousness and the integration of the complete person of Mind/Body/Being (Soul/Heart/Spirit) brings new tools and opportunities. The expansion of Golden Heart and Core Process Tube has become primary to healing and health. Infectious disorders with newer pathogens also challenge healing.

Previous IMT technology struggled to achieve the results that we accomplished in the1990’s and up to 2012. New patterns discovered and emerging over the last four years have helped the IMT Practitioner with issues found in the transverse, coronal and sagittal planes.

This course with all new IMT IT will provide the practitioner with tools and clinical skills:

  1. Pattern recognition with diagnostics
  2. New Macro/Micro paradigm material with diagnostics
  3. Golden Heart Energies integrated with older material
  4. Clinical skills for Vasculitis-Arteritis-Phlebitis
  5. Cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary pathology with adaptation of Golden Era tools
  6. Updated use of Advanced Strain/Counterstrain for the cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary systems


Acceptance, Recovery & Healing of the Gastrointestinal System through Three Planar Movement into Consciousness & Mediating Life’s Forces

An IMT Perspective from the Golden Heart to Micro-Macro Theories with Application, Integration and Implication

In a time of declining life expectancies and increases in the disease processes, our bodies are disintegrating right before our eyes. The Gastrointestinal System has been overlooked and underappreciated by traditional medicine. A functional digestive system is considered foundational for health. Healing the gut as the root cause of many underlying conditions and as a block to healing is acknowledged as a first step. The increase in disease labels such as: Colitis, Crohns, IBS, SIBO, and EPI are a reflection of the world’s dysfunction. Diets to contain symptoms range from GFCF, to FODMAPS, to SCD, to Paleo, yet structure and function are still not optimal.

This class will provide new tools and paradigms for the New Era IMT Practitioner including:

  1. The practitioner will have an understanding of Functional Medicine theories and principles as adapted for the New Era of Consciousness
  2. The application and use of the Microbiome as it relates to Dysbiosis
  3. Learn and use the ‘IMT 4Rx2” Program’

IMT 4Rx2” Program:

Phase 1:             Remove & Recover

Phase 2:             Repair & Replenish/Replace

Phase 3:             Rebuild & Re-inoculate

Phase 4:             Rehabilitate & Regenerate

  1. Discussions of meal planning
  2. Updated MFR A1 techniques for Food poisoning/GI dysfunction/Failure to thrive
  3. As Core Process Center Energies continue to expand, signs and symptoms of digestion, absorption and elimination from the oral cavity (mouth/sinuses/vision/hearing/gustatory/speech) to pelvic floor and digestion /elimination will continue to be affected through structural and neurological routes.
  4. Miasmic influences will be addressed.
  5. The paradigm of Micro/Macro with digestion as a reflection of our current world, including diagnostics.



PTSD 02 – Bringing in the Light and Newly Emerging Consciousness Energies

This class presents newly developed concepts and techniques that take the treatment of PTSD to new levels. In the previous class on PTSD, we literally broke some rules in that possibly, for the first time, body work was presented that could actually take away the harmful and detrimental effects of PTSD on the body.

In this class, new and very specific patterns and protocols will be used to reduce and eliminate signs and symptoms related to imbalances in light and dark energies. When there are imbalances in light and dark energies, many patterns and dysfunctions arise in the body. Premature aging is actually in response to light and dark energy imbalances. Pain and stiffness will be reduced when light and dark energies are balanced. Neurological disorders and stress disorders of all kinds will be reduced / eliminates with the IMT IT. Above all else, the person receiving this IT will recover more and more function post-PTSD than they ever thought possible. New modalities for consciousness will be presented in this seminar along with specific functional medicine to address the multiplicity of issues associated with PTSD. Outcomes will be achieved as will patient satisfaction.



Hypertrophy and Hyperplasia Patterns in the Consciousness in Transition (CIT) Era – “Hyperplasia IV” & The Golden Light Series

(SS2015-01 – HP-IV)

The introduction of “Integrative Manual Therapy for Treatment of Hyperplasia” (IMDE 521) was first published in April 2007. The evolution of technology brings us into the fourth installment, “Hyperplasia IV”. Tom Giammatteo presents the Era of Consciousness in Transition with refined protocols. Templates and Blueprints, PFMs, Motilities, Advancements in Functional Medicine Protocols, and New Concept to help with the CIT Era.

Obesity and Sugar Handling: New Dimensions in Diabetic Management from an IMT Perspective

(SS2015-02- Obesity/Sugar)

Fat management and obesity are in the forefront of medicine and wellness today. Issues of fat and obesity are related to cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and more. Last year’s Summer School (2014) focused on Sugar Handling basics including, but not limited to, assisting the body to adjust to sugar loads. This new class takes Sugar Handling to a “new level” linking more pervasive concepts relating to fat management including addictions and behaviors from fat and sugar, disease and toxicity from fat and sugar, processes related to fat and sugar, and more. This study guide is broken down into many user-friendly categories. Titles should be very self-evident and clear, and the use thereof, is best performed by one who understands and is trained in IMT concepts regarding motilities, palpation of body structures and energies, and correcting Recovery Motilities. IDAP and drainage related issues will release. Greater clarity and a basic, fundamental consciousness will surface. Patient understanding of self will improve as will body signs and symptoms.